Big Idea Workshopsupporting leaders through complex change

When planning change, or even in the middle of a change programme, the Big Idea workshop serves to ensure leaders have fully committed to the change and that all of the required elements have been considered

Our Expertise

The Parity Big Idea workshop is designed to guide leaders through a series of questions which promote discussion around different aspects of their upcoming (or ongoing) change programme. Transformation is a function of change from top down and business leaders recognise the need to go the extra mile to ensure that their organisations see that change is taken seriously.

The Parity Big Idea workshop takes a half or full day depending on the scope of the programme being addressed. Shorter workshops can also be run to review business change within individual projects – Parity Business Change consultants can discuss your needs.

Why Parity

Parity Business Consulting have worked with corporate and public bodies to facilitate Big Idea workshops for both large and small transformation programmes. Whilst mainly serving to confirm commitment and preparedness, these workshops never fail to uncover areas of change management which have been overlooked or not fully understood.

Next Steps

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