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What is the purpose of Business Intelligence? Why do you need it?

The technical perspective is that you need to organise and segment your data so that it can be transformed into information, knowledge and then insight. All very true and pertinent but this neglects the business purpose and the outcomes and benefits you can expect.

Parity Business Intelligence consultancy services assist you in ensuring that the competitive advantage you get from your BI insight is that you most need. We do this by enabling you to make your organisation data-guided so that you can make the most of your new opportunity.

Our Expertise

  • A health check of the way you store and use your data (compared to quantitative benchmarks).
  • Guidance and tested techniques to assist you in formulating an effective data strategy.
  • Data Standardisation approaches and techniques
  • Data Governance best practice and tools
  • Recognised experts in the Kimball method of Business Intelligence
  • 20 years’ continuous experience in recognising the deep structures within complex data.

Why Parity?

Our experienced and dedicated consultants will work with you to develop your data strategy, ensuring that you not only get the optimum benefit from your Business Intelligence but also that your business employs proven techniques to cleanse and orchestrate your valuable data, before it is used.

Next Steps

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