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Over time data can become fragmented, inconsistent and incomplete, when this happens marketing campaigns lack effectiveness, cross-sell/up-sell opportunities are lost and supply chain inefficiencies can result, the list is endless.

A complete Master Data Management (MDM) solution addresses the critical business issues organisations face. The business benefits of Master Data Management include:

  • Customer Loyalty: Up-to-date and accurate data is essential today to retain customers and reduce churn. Lack of data can result in lost customer loyalty, great data results in excellent levels of customer service and satisfied customers.
  • Optimised Processes: Master data management streamlines data across departments and systems within a business, processes and productivity improve making business processes faster and more cost effective
  • Revenue Growth: MDM guarantees consistency of data, which in turn allows your business to cross-sell and up-sell across channels.

Why Parity?

Parity has been providing complex Data Management solutions for over 30 years, partnering with Magnitude Software, we can take care all your data – customer, product, financial, vendor, supplier, location, and more – in a single technology solution.

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