Building Trust and Robustness on a Firm Data Platform

The right data platform is key to deriving value from data.

Having the correct data architecture in place underpins a robust data platform and provides the right data in the right format for your analytical services. This architecture needs to be planned and implemented.

Customers often come to us having previously taken a reactive approach, jumping to conclusions that a big data or columnar store platform would be the cure for their ills. They act without a proper plan for their data platform, often blindly following industry trends or migrating for migration’s sake.
Parity has experience in the design and implementation of extensible data architecture and maximising use of clients’ existing platforms. We have built data warehouses and data marts for our customers including a generic, configurable, meta-data driven warehouse. We have provided tuning and optimisation services on terabyte size databases providing 24×7 availability.

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