Clarity through Data Strategy

A data strategy linked to your business strategy is critical to ROI from data investments.

A data strategy needs to sit at the heart of your business strategy. The data strategy ensures that your organisation truly thinks of and manages data as a strategic asset.

The data strategy outlines your organisation’s vision for managing data as an asset and leveraging data for competitive advantage. A 360º view of your customers, suppliers, competitors and operating environment enables you to plan and react ahead of time.
Companies we have worked with who had previously failed in their digital transformation journey consistently lacked a comprehensive data strategy linked to their business strategy. We found this often led to vague or unachievable KPIs and delivered insights based on untrusted data or one-off self-service visualisations, which could not be relied upon.

Having a data strategy, on the other hand, is key to delivering ROI from data programmes. For example, Parity Experts were able to save a global manufacturing company millions of pounds by defining a Strategic Knowledge Model and implementing Business Intelligence around that governed and trusted data model.

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