Generating Competitive Advantage by Bridging the Gap from Information to Insight

The importance of choosing the right tools to generate insight from your data from a vast range of options.

The vast array of available technologies to gain insight from data leads to confusing and difficult choices for businesses. We find that companies with a self-service approach found that early insights and predictions were quick to produce and seemed of good quality; however, the insight quality or the predictive model quickly became untrustworthy. Companies using an IT-provided and supported solution fared better; however, their solution was often slow to adapt to business needs and they were constrained by lack of data science resources. sources.
Our customers gained competitive advantages from our work in the appliance of Data Science and advanced SQL analytical services in the systems we have developed such as:
  • Strategic scenario-modelling and resource-optimisation systems
  • Integer-allocation algorithms for modelling allocation of thousands of trained staff to posts
  • Advanced semantic parsing engine to decode manual and automatically encoded messages
  • Configurable scenario-modelling application for investigating the optimal allocation of overheads, from cost-centres to profit-centres
  • Property Asset portfolio of 50,000 assets; the models provided optimal life-cycle programmes covering condition, repairs, refurbishments, maximised rental income and disposals
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