Optimising Operations and Outcomes by Orchestrating Data

Organisational changes to ensure data captured is reliable, consistent and identifiable are vital before data can be used to create meaningful insight.

Integrating data into a single governed source, using automated processes, is key to optimising operations and achieving desired outcomes.

We have found a raft of underlying reasons for organisations’ failure to achieve desired outcomes. These included lack of a Strategic Knowledge Model, ungoverned data sets, weak change management process, not leveraging ETL tools to their full potential, creating non-optimal operations and custom extracts, and spending too much time and resources actioning data movements in and out of repositories and tools, rather than analysing data.
We have experience in developing and implementing corporate Data Standard Strategies to enable data optimisation. Through this work our clients have obtained benefits in:
  • Supply Chain Optimisation: fulfilment of raw materials to factories (cross borders) from geographically dispersed warehouses rather than a local warehouse. This could only be achieved through use of governed transformed unified data sets.
  • Improved data science analytical services leading to quicker and better quality insights
  • Automation of and improvements to ETL processes and integration to single source of truth repositories

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