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A set of proven capabilities, productivity tools and a tested approach, earned through experience and built upon success.

Data Strategy.

Data-driven insights into your organisation and operating environment allow you to deliver your optimal business strategy and create competitive advantage.

Identifying these insights, and ensuring they can be trusted, requires a comprehensive Data Strategy. This must define what insights are needed, and produce a clear, actionable roadmap for delivering them.

Parity’s experts start by working with you to clearly identify what insights and predictions would most benefit your company. Drawing upon many years of experience and proven techniques, we map out your data, identify what data will provide the most valuable insights, and find opportunities to acquire more or better data that will deliver further value. We perform comprehensive diagnostics of how your business recognises, controls and uses data, ensuring your strategy addresses the fundamentals first.

All of which means…
You have the knowledge and insight you need (your Strategic Knowledge Model), alongside complete data visibility, to make informed, strategic business decisions that deliver competitive advantage.

Data Optimisation.

When managed correctly, data drives both BAU operations and provides insight which informs strategic business decisions. Our Data Optimisation approach focusses on implementing changes to ensure your systems deliver the right data to support both outcomes.

Any optimisation must start by defining the aspect to be optimised. We will help you map your systems and implement policies, processes, training, and technology to ensure data is captured and controlled in a coherent way, so that it can be relied upon for operations and business insight. This will help you:
  • Deliver process-efficiencies and supply chain optimisation
  • Deliver insights into what your customers want and when they want it
  • Ensure compliance with regulation, such as GDPR

We bring 20 years’ experience helping organisations, including the MOD, global manufacturers and retailers, establish the policies and structures needed to optimise their data.

Working with your subject-matter experts and existing data standards and governance, we will help you:
  • Identify and define the underlying information, critical to your operations, that your data represents
  • Identify the people most capable of defining and governing data and train them on how to succeed
  • Design and promote policies and procedures that make optimising data inherent in all your business processes and the responsibility of everyone
  • Create a shared and definitive repository of data, used across all systems, making advanced analytical investigation easier and reliable
  • Develop data quality KPIs and create checks to ensure your systems’ compliance against your data standards
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of integrating your core systems and extracting their information into Business Intelligence systems

Data Platform.

Through an in-depth understanding of data warehousing approaches, we help you select and implement the most efficient, cost-effective platform for your specific needs.

Getting the Basics Right, First Our experience with powerful but underused devices inherent in most databases, such as partitioning, indexes and materialised views, means that we can deliver extremely powerful and efficient data platforms using cost-effective technologies. If you need it, and there is a clear ROI, we can also build a massively parallel processing columnar store.

Parity has developed and deployed data warehouses storing vast amounts of data on industry-standard databases, including one for a global manufacturer storing and analysing transactional sales data from the 1970s to the present day.

Powerful, Scalable and Cost-Effective At Parity, we pride ourselves on being technology-neutral. We rely on our skills, experience, knowledge of design-patterns (including emergent patterns like Blockchain), and research to advise on the platform you need, rather than trying to sell you the technology we have. Your data platform is fundamental to business intelligence success, so you need to be certain it is robust, efficient, powerful and scalable to meet future needs. We will ensure yours is all these things, whilst also being cost-effective enough to deliver significant ROI.

Data Science and Analytics.

Data Science encompasses a vast array of technologies and skills, including descriptive modelling, statistical analysis, predictive models, unstructured data mapping, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Knowing which to use where is a daunting prospect.

We demystify these tools, debunk the jargon and hyperbole, and guide you through the options. We help you select the technologies that will deliver immediate value from your data, whilst also building foundations to scale up the use of data science and analytics as your digital transformation advances.

Empowering Your Experts
The most efficient route to Data Science ROI is to empower your subject-matter experts to generate business insight.

We help you build robust and accurate models of your data, and implement intuitive drag-and-drop tools, alongside associated training and support, allowing you to perform powerful analysis without the need for Data Scientists. If needed, we can step in to apply our data science expertise to particularly urgent and important problems.

The Correct Tool for the Job
Parity will help you identify the most appropriate analytics tools for your business goals and data readiness level. For organisations beginning their data journey a lot of early value can be derived from small, focused investments. There is often no need to make huge technology investments straightaway.

Parity has been using advanced SQL analytics to bring Data Science to our clients for over 20 years, helping them save millions of pounds in the process. We can also advise on the use of tools such as descriptive modelling and predictive analysis to understand customers where it will deliver ROI.

Once you have the data fundamentals in place, then we can help you plan and implement the next stages of your transformation into a truly Data-Guided Organisation; leveraging unstructured data and using big data technologies, data mining, machine learning and AI to discover the critical, hidden patterns in your data that can generate competitive advantage.

Intelligent Cost-analysis.

Be less at risk of unfunded liability and more able to plan effectively for changes in policy and operational necessity

Understanding the consequence of changes to policy and spending can help avoid costly errors. Most organisations track direct costs, but few have comprehensive models of how their spending is linked to business outcomes. This makes it hard to understand the consequences of increased spending, budget cuts or policy changes, and so undermines effective business decision-making.

It is important for public and private-sector organisations to clearly understand the relationship between costs and delivery, even when there is not a direct link, for two major reasons:
  1. Having a clear model of the relationships allows them to calculate the profitability of delivery units and the products they make and sell;
  2. It allows profit-making businesses to offset expenditure on overheads, allowing them to reduce tax expenditure.
Parity has extensive experience in understanding and modelling the built-up costs of both private and public sector organisations and their relationships to outcomes.

The Parity Capability Costing method, which we have delivered for organisations including the MOD, allows us to build a deterministic model of your enterprise, helping you understand and model the consequences of possible or real changes.

GDPR-readiness Consultancy.

The GDPR Challenge The GDPR will transform how personal data is collected, shared and processed, not just in the UK but globally, and is described as “ambitious, complex and strict”. All organisations, by law, must review and make changes to their policy, processes and contracts, as well as technical and organisational compliance measures by May 25th 2018, or face significant fines.

Do you comply with GDPR yet?

How Can We Help You Get GDPR-Ready?
GDPR compliance is a challenging technical and legal process, and most organisations will need help from experts to achieve compliance.

Our team of experienced data protection experts can help your organisation with a variety of best-practice solutions, from identifying what personal data you hold, to evaluating your GDPR compliance position and developing a remediation roadmap, through to implementing a best-fit data compliance framework and training staff in new procedures. Whether you are an SME, multinational or public sector organisation, we can tailor our GDPR services to your needs.

Parity can help, if you:
  • Are uncertain whether your organisation complies with GDPR
  • Are unsure what personal data you hold or where it resides
  • Are unaware of the data protection risks of introducing a new system or process
  • Need help implementing your GDPR compliance project
  • Need help to ensure that employees understand their responsibilities under GDPR
  • Are looking for a way to protect personal data in a way that complies with GDPR
  • Need to implement organisational and technical methods to keep personal data secure

Application Management Support.

The Evolutionary Effect
Over time applications can become more and more complex, whilst systems need to be increasingly interconnected to enable effective information sharing across complicated organisational structures.

Parity has been providing complex System Development, Integration, Application Maintenance and Support for over 20 years. We help clients transition from outdated applications to more supportable architectures and hosting arrangements including public and private cloud.

Our flexible approach enables us to conduct management, maintenance and enhancement of your applications at a time to suit your business. Clients benefit from a dedicated support team, ensuring we establish expert knowledge of your technical and business requirements.

Our Capability
Our team of specialists provide the following core services:
  • Online Service Desk and Fault Logging
  • Regular Reviews and Reporting
  • Fault and Query Investigation and Software Correction
  • Database Administration
  • Software Release
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Management

Outcome Managed Services.

Save money by flexing resourcing levels to suit project demands
Parity’s Outcome Managed Services is a cost-effective way to access the best people, share delivery risk and save money through flexible resourcing levels to suit project demands.

Why Parity OMS?
A Parity Outcome Managed Services contract brings you the best of all worlds. You can flex your resource levels month by month as appropriate to the demands of your project – there is no need to pay for resources you’re not fully utilising. You can de-risk the project by agreeing to deliverable quality, not just time and materials, and rely on the experience of Parity to bring the right people to deliver the right outcome. Critically, you get the right skill sets at a rate you can afford, with quality built in.

How outcome managed services enhance your outputs
  • Delivered to an agreed outcome with defined deliverables and timescales
  • Shared risk levels, insulating against delays
  • Resource levels can be flexed up or down over time to suit the project demands and deliverables
  • Resources managed by Parity in cooperation with the client
  • Can be sourced via G-Cloud or DOS 2
  • Remove the requirement for public sector organisations to consider IR35 status of roles