Data Optimisation

Ensuring your data is fit for purpose.

When managed correctly, data drives both BAU operations and provides insight which informs strategic business decisions. Our Data Optimisation approach focusses on implementing changes to ensure your systems deliver the right data to support both outcomes.

Any optimisation must start by defining the aspect to be optimised. We will help you map your systems and implement policies, processes, training, and technology to ensure data is captured and controlled in a coherent way so that it can be relied upon for operations and business insight.

This will help you:
  • Deliver process-efficiencies and supply chain optimisation
  • Deliver insights into what your customers want and when they want it
  • Ensure compliance with regulation, such as GDPR

We bring 20 years’ experience helping organisations, including the MOD, global manufacturers and retailers, establish the policies and structures needed to optimise their data.

Working with your subject-matter experts and existing data standards and governance, we will help you:
  • Identify and define the underlying information, critical to your operations, that your data represents
  • Identify the people most capable of defining and governing data and train them on how to succeed
  • Design and promote policies and procedures that make optimising data inherent in all your business processes and the responsibility of everyone
  • Create a shared and definitive repository of data, used across all systems, making advanced analytical investigation easier and reliable
  • Develop data quality KPIs and create checks to ensure your systems’ compliance against your data standards
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of integrating your core systems and extracting their information into Business Intelligence systems

Our Experience