Data Platform

Choosing the right platform to deliver value from your data.

Through in-depth understanding of data warehousing approaches, we help you select and implement the most efficient, cost-effective platform for your specific needs. Getting the Basics Right, First

Our experience with powerful but underused devices inherent in most databases, such as partitioning, indexes and materialised views, means that we can deliver extremely powerful and efficient data platforms using cost-effective technologies. If you need it, and there is a clear ROI, we can also build a massively parallel processing columnar store.

Parity has developed and deployed data warehouses storing vast amounts of data on industry-standard databases, including one for a global manufacturer storing and analysing transactional sales data from the 1970s to the present day.

Powerful, Scalable and Cost-Effective

At Parity, we pride ourselves on being technology-neutral. We rely on our skills, experience, knowledge of design-patterns (including emergent patterns like Blockchain), and research to advise on the platform you need, rather than trying to sell you the technology we have. Your data platform is fundamental to business intelligence success, so you need to be certain it is robust, efficient, powerful and scalable to meet future needs. We will ensure yours is all these things, whilst also being cost-effective enough to deliver significant ROI.

Our Experience