Data Science and Analytics

Cutting through the jargon to harness the data tools for your specific needs.

Data Science encompasses a vast array of technologies and skills, including descriptive modelling, statistical analysis, predictive models, unstructured data mapping, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Knowing which to use where is a daunting prospect.

We demystify these tools, debunk the jargon and hyperbole, and guide you through the options. We help you select the technologies that will deliver immediate value from your data, whilst also building foundations to scale up the use of data science and analytics as your digital transformation advances. Empowering Your Experts

The most efficient route to Data Science ROI is to empower your subject-matter experts to generate business insight. We help you build robust and accurate models of your data, and implement intuitive drag-and-drop tools, alongside associated training and support, allowing you to perform powerful analysis without the need for Data Scientists. If needed, we can step in to apply our data science expertise to, particularly urgent and important problems.

The Correct Tool for the Job

Parity will help you identify the most appropriate analytics tools for your business goals and data readiness level. For organisations beginning their data journey a lot of early value can be derived from small, focused investments. There is often no need to make huge technology investments straightaway. Parity has been using advanced SQL analytics to bring Data Science to our clients for over 20 years, helping them save millions of pounds in the process. We can also advise on the use of tools such as descriptive modelling and predictive analysis to understand customers where it will deliver ROI.

Once you have the data fundamentals in place, then we can help you plan and implement the next stages of your transformation into a truly Data-Guided Organisation; leveraging unstructured data and using big data technologies, data mining, machine learning and AI to discover the critical, hidden patterns in your data that can generate competitive advantage.

Our Experience