GDPR-readiness Consultancy

Experts on hand to help your organisation with a variety of best-practice solutions.

The GDPR Challenge GDPR

The GDPR will transform how personal data is collected, shared and processed, not just in the UK but globally, and is described as “ambitious, complex and strict”. All organisations, by law, must review and make changes to their policy, processes and contracts, as well as technical and organisational compliance measures by May 25th 2018, or face significant fines.

Do you comply with GDPR yet?

How Can We Help You Get GDPR-Ready?

GDPR compliance is a challenging technical and legal process, and most organisations will need help from experts to achieve compliance.

Our team of experienced data protection experts can help your organisation with a variety of best-practice solutions, from identifying what personal data you hold, to evaluating your GDPR compliance position and developing a remediation roadmap, through to implementing a best-fit data compliance framework and training staff in new procedures. Whether you are an SME, multinational or public sector organisation, we can tailor our GDPR services to your needs.

Parity can help, if you:

  • Are uncertain whether your organisation complies with GDPR
  • Are unsure what personal data you hold or where it resides
  • Are unaware of the data protection risks of introducing a new system or process
  • Need help implementing your GDPR compliance project
  • Need help to ensure that employees understand their responsibilities under GDPR
  • Are looking for a way to protect personal data in a way that complies with GDPR
  • Need to implement organisational and technical methods to keep personal data secure

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