How Technology is Changing Healthcare

How Technology is Changing Healthcare.

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Modern technology is transforming the healthcare sector. Innovations are redefining the requirements of both the work being delivered and the employees needed to carry it out

There is barely any area of employment that has not been changed in some significant way by new technology. One sector where it is making a dramatic impact is healthcare. From treatment-delivery to record-keeping, healthcare is being transformed by technology to provide more efficient services and more effective outcomes.

Healthy Lifestyles Encouraged by Personal Technology

Preventing illnesses from occurring in the first place saves time, money and, in many cases, lives. Smartphone apps and a whole range of day-to-day devices are helping people to live healthier lifestyles by keeping active, eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough sleep. Wireless wearable technologies, for example, gather data – distance walked, hours slept, steps climbed and more – to motivate users to reach their fitness goals. Food-monitoring apps that count your calories and nutritional intake encourage a healthy eating regime and can be far more user-friendly that traditional diet plans.

Care Based on Precise Information

Technology enables improved interaction between patients and the care system at all steps along the care pathway. Medical records stored as digital databases have improved the safety and reliability of patient care. Practitioners can access and update patients’ records through handheld devices from any location. Doctors have instant access to data and help from other professionals and can provide clinical care remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Technological advances enable researchers to investigate and develop new treatments and methods of improving recovery following an illness or accident. Genomics (the study of an individual’s DNA), for example, has opened up a new world of personalised medication, with patients receiving individually tailored treatments. These innovations require organisations to develop whole new skill-sets.

At a time when we have an ageing population, increased expectations and a NHS under pressure to maximise value for money, technology is making huge strides in increasing efficiency and effectiveness across all aspects of the nation’s healthcare. With the escalating pace of these technological developments, there is greater demand from patients for technology to be used to deliver ever-higher standards of care and support.

The nature of the workforce needed to implement these technological developments is not the same as the typical healthcare employees from just a few years ago. At Parity Professionals, we understand the effect technological advances are having on the healthcare sector, and we are skilled at selecting the best recruits for the new roles that are vital for its continued success.